Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taletube: graphic novel meets audio book

Taletube is an online storytelling site that combines the features of audio books, graphic novels, and videos into a "video book," or "taletube." Taletubes are available for purchase in a variety of formats from DVDs to podcasts to streaming.
"Our vision is to provide our community of users with a vast array of compelling tales from around the US and the world. From timeless tales, to contemporary thrillers to Biblical classics, to delightful children stories with lessons for us all, we’ve harnessed the talent of both professional and amateur authors, and the creative genius of artists and composers to offer a fresh, immersive, and engaging new way for people to enjoy stories."


Comic Nurse said...

Very interested in this site - but the link opens an application. What is the URL?

Rebecca Anne Lukowski said...

That is the correct site (, but it takes a while to load because Taletube has a video running on the homepage. If the video is freezing up your system, try clicking here first instead: