Thursday, December 13, 2012

Katie Monnin named one of six 2013 Eisner Awards Judges!

Maupin House is proud to announce that author Katie Monnin is one of six comics experts selected to judge the 2013 Eisner Awards, which take place at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Katie is the author of Teaching Graphic Novels (2010, a finalist for ForeWord's Educational Book of the Year Award), Teaching Early Reader Comics and Graphic Novels (2011), Using Content-Area Graphic Texts for Learning (2012), and Teaching Reading Comprehension with Graphic Texts (2013). According to the Comic-Con website, "The Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, considered the 'Oscars' of comics, turn 25 in 2013. The most prestigious of the industry’s awards, the Eisners are given out at a gala ceremony on the Friday night of Comic-Con International: San Diego." There are more than two dozen awards categories for both creators and works, and the judges choose the nominees to appear on the 2013 Eisner Awards ballot.

Comic-Con International is "a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to creating awareness of and appreciation for comics and related popular artforms. primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contributions of comics to art and culture."

To read more and browse bios for all six judges, click here.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A mighty book list from A Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl is "the world's largest collection of books and movies for smart, confident, and courageous girls." It's no surprise that this collection includes graphic novels featuring girls and women--one of the largest compilations, in fact, of nearly 60 graphic novels. Learn more about this collection by reading A Mighty Girl's blog post, "Clever Mice and Resilient Chicas: What Mighty Girls Can Learn From Graphic Novels."

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let them wear capes: The benefits of superheroes in kids' lives

We've all heard the negative superhero stuff: too much violence, stories not based in reality, and scary villains. But Heather Turgeon at parenting website brings up some of the lesser-heard positives when it comes to the presence of superheroes in kids' lives:
"In the world of superheroes, anything is possible — and this idea does more than make for a fun afternoon. All that dreamed-up play is great exercise for the brain; it boosts skills in executive functioning, or the ability to plan and focus. And more symbolic play in preschool has been found to correlate with higher reading abilities in early elementary school. One recent study even found that wearing a Superman cape and hearing about his fantastic abilities (one of them being his 'patience,' for the purpose of the study), made children better able to wait and delay gratification."
There are so many great comics and graphic novels to choose from these days--including many for younger kids. So go ahead and let your kids wear their capes to school, role-play at home, and choose a comic for bedtime reading. And, hey, let's remember that non-fiction is often scarier than fiction! As long as you're helping them make age-appropriate choices when it comes to both books and movies/TV, their imaginations can fly high.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graphic Novel Giveaway on Carol Baldwin's Blog!

Today, Carol Baldwin, author of Teaching the Story: Fiction Writing in Grades 4-8, is giving away THREE great books on her blog. Now is the time to learn more about choosing and using graphic novels at home and in your classroom. Carol is giving away two of Katie Monnin’s e-books (Teaching Graphic Novels and Teaching Early Reader Comics and Graphic Novels), as well as a personally autographed copy of the new book,  A Parent’s Guide to the Best Kid’s Comics: Choosing Titles Your Children Will Love, by Snow Wildsmith.

Hurry though. Giveaway ends on June 4!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Katie Monnin helps teachers explain the U.S. Constitution

Dr. Katie Monnin, respected authority on how to use the graphic novel format alongside traditional literature to teach to the standards, wrote the teacher's guide to a new graphic novel on the U.S. Constitution coming out soon from Round Table Companies. Read more about it on The Huffington Post!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Maupin House and Katie Monnin work with Round Table Companies to develop curriculum for comic book adaptation of The Constitution

Emily Gibbs

The U.S. Constitution brought to life in graphic novel adaptation from Round Table Companies

New comic book features 100 percent of the document’s original text along with additional narrative and detailed illustrations that further clarifies the founding fathers’ work

CHICAGO (Jan. 9, 2012)Round Table Companies, a publishing and storytelling company that works with thought leaders to inform, educate and inspire, announces the release of The United States Constitution: A Round Table Comic, a graphic novel adaptation of the supreme law of the United States. The Constitution comic launches in bookstores nationwide, on, and all digital formats in March 2012 for $12.95 (print) and $6.99 (digital).

Scripted by adapter Nadja Baer and illustrated by Nathan Lueth, Round Table Companies created an original storyline to showcase the making of history and communicate concepts from one of the United States’ most important documents. Narratives and illustrations of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Thomas Paine and James Madison, among other historical figures, allow readers to understand and engage with the process and development of each article in The Constitution.

“Whether you are a student or just need a refresher, the illustrated format allows readers to better understand and retain the concepts in the Constitution,” said Baer. “The powerful illustrations coupled with effective narrative and the complete text from the original document helps capture and relive an important part of our country’s history.”

Dr. Katie Monnin, an assistant professor of literacy at the University of North Florida, and Maupin House, a publisher specializing in K-12 teacher resources, developed a tailored curriculum to supplement the comic book in classrooms. The curriculum will be readily available to teachers at no cost in March, when the book launches.

“While the comic book adaptation of The Constitution can be enjoyed at any age, we developed the free curriculum to work together with the comic book to help teachers get students more interested in the framework of our government,” said Dr. Monnin. “The comic itself is fun and easy to read, but students will be able to further comprehend the concepts with the supplemental material.”

Round Table Companies believes in the power of story to impact lives and brings others’ visions to life. For more information about the company, visit


About Round Table Companies

Round Table Companies (RTC) uses a filmmaker’s approach to storytelling to inform, educate, and inspire readers. Founded in 2006 as a writing company, RTC quickly evolved into a storytelling company that uses the talents of artists all over the country to deliver entertaining content that demands attention. RTC’s approach to creating high quality content eliminates the traditional publishing gatekeepers and allows thought leaders to engage in a fully collaborative team approach to distilling their ideas into either word based or illustrated formats. Author partnerships include WIRED magazine founder Chris Anderson, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, childhood cancer survivor Alesia Shute, and Latino author and humanitarian Robert Renteria.