Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Inatimate Alice

"Inanimate Alice" is an interactive, online narrative that "tells the story of Alice, a young girl growing up in the first half of the 21st century, and her imaginary digital friend, Brad." Alice's life spans ten episodes, where readers see her grow from a child into a twenty-something animator/designer with a games company.

According to the website:

Because the level of interactivity starts out low in episode one, increasing with each subsequent episode in order to reflect Alice's own growing abilities, we've found that we can take an audience unfamiliar with multimedia fiction with us. Educators like "Inanimate Alice" because of this; students from primary to post-graduate level find the work engaging.

...But how can teachers successfully integrate new media literacies into the classroom?

"Inanimate Alice" is easily assimilated into learning environments; its use of multimodality (images, sounds, text, interaction) enables students to see storytelling in a new, multi-sensory light. "Inanimate Alice" is a new media fiction that allows students to develop multiple literacies (literary, cinematic, artistic, etc.) in combination with the highly collaborative and participatory nature of the online environment.

Well, you already know that Teaching Graphic Novels embraces this multiple-literacies approach and encourages teaching both print-text and image literacies. So go meet Alice! Teachers can even request a free downloadable education pack to use with the stories in their classroom.

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