Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A comics dare

It started out as a dare between comics and non-fiction author Scott McCloud and his friend Steve Bissette. McCloud dared Bissette to draw a 24-page comic in 24 hours. Bissette did his, McCloud agreed to do one, too, and since then thousands of cartoonists have met the challenge as well. Will you be one of them? Here's the scoop from McCloud's website:

The Dare

Read the official guidelines for making your own 24-Hour Comic.

The First

Read my own effort, "A Day's Work," the first 24-hour comic [includes adult content].

The Phenomenon

A brief history of the 24-Hour Comic and its fallout, including the 24-Hour Plays, 24-Hour Comics Day and the original (i.e., out-of-date) index of finished comics.

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