Sunday, November 22, 2009

NCTE 2009 Philadelphia, PA

What a wonderful city Philadelphia, PA is!!!  I had an amazing time not only at the NCTE conference, but also getting to meet many new people.  

Each of the following cool people either work directly with graphic novels or with media literacy in the classroom.  So, Have FUN getting to know some of these awesome people and the awesome work that they do!  

1.  Sari Wilson / Writer, Editor, Consultant

2. Cyndy Scheibe / Project Look Sharp Executive Director

3.  Clive Bryant / Managing Director at Classical Comics (Clive has BRILLIANTLY been putting together comic versions of canonical literature)

4.  Even though I did not meet Sari Wilson's husband, Josh Neufeld, everyone should take time to check out his amazing work with nonfiction graphic novels: A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge

5.  Guofang Wan won the NCTE media literacy award!!!

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