Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Timmy's Tutor

"Timmy's Tutor" is an online comic by Michael Hawkins that honors the special tutors and mentors in children's lives. Download the comics to put on your website, subscribe to the site's feed, or follow Timmy on Twitter! Here's more from Hawkins on his inspiration for creating the comic strip:
Growing up, I took my education for granted. In my wife's and my families, it was just expected that we would study hard and go to college or take some additional career training. After graduating from college and getting out into the work world, I discovered that wasn't the case for everyone. When I read the statistics about how many kids never even finish high school, it saddens me. It saddens me that everyone does not have parents who value education and expect and inspire their children to pursue knowledge not simply for grades, but for the betterment of themselves. Parents who, when they don't have the answers, care enough to find the resources to help their children grow and succeed. EVERYONE needs special tutors and mentors to help them be successful in life, no matter what their age. Ms. Rita is the fictional one I'm making for the kids.


gbailey said...

I love the Timmy's Tutor comics!

Jo Ann Brixie said...

Cute and relevant comic. Miss Rita is doing what every good teacher wants to do. Unfortunately it usually isn't possible for classroom teachers who have twenty-five to thirty students--some haven't had breakfast, some were up until midnight watching TV, some whose mothers were out all night with her boyfriend, many who haven't been taught respect for learning or educators. In a one- on-one situation, a tutor can zero in on how her student's unique learning style, capture his attention by planning around his interests and strengths, and have the luxury of chucking the plan to take advantage of a "teachable moment." Viva Creative Tutors!